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Whether it is in the board room, the carpool line, or while on travel mode-Get The Care You Deserve!

Elevate Your Healthcare Experience With GAYA Wellness

The Old Way

  • Usually 20 Minutes or Less
  • Symptoms Driven
  • Focused on Reproductive Health
  • In Person Care For Every Visit
  • Limited Contact With Team Outside of Appointment
  • Inefficient and Can Be Confusing or Overwhelming.


The Gaya Wellness Difference

  • 60 Minute of Direct Connection With Your Women's Health Doctor
  • Root Cause Driven
  • Focused on Whole Health As Well As Reporoductive Health
  • In Person Care Only if Absolutely Necessary
  • Concerige Text Access and Support
  • High Voltage Care: Clarity On All of Your Treatment Options and Feeling Empowered To Take Better Care Of Yourself.

Choose Your Consultation

Women's Health Focused Visit


Who This Is For
This is perfect for when you have specific concern you would like to discuss or need a follow up.
Women's Health Elite Visit


Who This Is For
A unique and multifaceted approach to your wellness that is ideal for your first consultation. Can also be used as an extended visit for complex or multiple concerns.
Bloom Package


Who This Is For
Take Your life to the next level with your very own team of a physician, Nutrition & Strength Coach, and Success Coach in this revolutionary program.

Holistic Virtual Women's Health- is Finally Here!

Get Ready To Be Pleasantly Surprised:

Most Gynecologic concerns can be addressed without a trip to the office

Menstrual Concerns

Irregular Periods, Painful Periods, Heavy Periods

Vaginal Health

Itching, Discharge, Odor, Lubrication, Infections


Oral Pills, Patch, Ring, LARC Counseling, Emergency Contraception, Unplanned Pregnancy Management

Weight Loss

Nutrition Plans, Training Plans, Guided Weight Loss with Semiglutide

Hormonal Health

Menopause, PCOS, Hormone Replacement, (Oral and Topical), Acne/Acutane, Hair

Emotional Wellness

Anxiety, Depression, Postpartum Depression, PMDD, Counseling, Success Coaching

At GAYA, We Are Your PARTNERS In Health

Your Voice Matters! We Want You To Feel Heard, Understood, And Empowered.
A Community Where Women Can Engage and Support One Another

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