Balancing Your Emotional
Wellness Just Got Easier

Introducing The Mind Balance Program
Empower Your Mind, Enrich Your Life

Your emotional well-being is a cornerstone of a fulfilling life. With the Mind Balance Monthly Membership, ensure you're always supported, understood, and empowered to face life's challenges with confidence.

Why Choose Mind Balance?

Designed for women who seek a harmonious balance between their professional, personal, and emotional lives, as well as those navigating challenges like postpartum depression, PMDD, anxiety, depression, and relationship hurdles.

Our women's health physicians understand the unique challenges women face, ensuring you receive care that's tailored to your needs.
Our program offers personalized support for emotional well-being, including postpartum depression, PMDD, anxiety, &relationship coaching.
Consistent Guidance​
With two consultations up to 30 minutes each month, always have a trusted expert by your side.

Affordable Mental Wellness
Skip the exorbitant fees of traditional counseling or psychiatry. Experience top-tier care without the hefty price tag.

Nurturing Emotional Wellbeing on The Regular.

Strengthen Personal Relationships

Heal Emotional Trauma

Level Up Your Professional Goals

Navigate through Postpartum Depression or PMDD

Overcome Generalized Anxiety and Depression

Discover a community of support

Join the Gaya Wellness Virtual Revolution

Embrace a virtual healthcare experience that's as dynamic,
Sophisticated, and multifaceted as you are.

Frequently Received Answers:

The Mind Balance Monthly Membership is a program designed to support women in their emotional well-being journey. It offers two virtual consultations up to 30 minutes each month with our women’s health physicians, tailored to address challenges like postpartum depression, PMDD, anxiety, and relationship hurdles.

Yes, for basic behavioral health concerns such as anxiety, depression, PMDD, and postpartum depression, our qualified physicians can provide prescriptions when deemed appropriate.

Once you’ve booked your session, you’ll receive a secure Zoom link for your consultation. This allows you to connect with our experts from the comfort of your home, ensuring privacy and convenience.

While our program offers support for a range of emotional challenges, it’s essential to consult with a specialist if you’re experiencing severe mental health issues. Our program can complement ongoing treatments but should not replace specialized care.

Our program offers a holistic approach, understanding the unique challenges women face. While traditional counseling focuses solely on mental well-being, our program integrates this with other aspects of women’s health, offering a more comprehensive care approach.

Life happens! If you need to reschedule, simply reach out to our support team at least 24 hours before your appointment, and we’ll help you find a new slot that suits your schedule.

The Mind Balance Monthly Membership is priced to offer both value and quality. For detailed pricing and any ongoing promotions, please refer to our pricing section on the landing page.

Yes, you can cancel your membership. However, we recommend giving the program a try for a few months to truly experience its benefits. For cancellation policies and procedures, please refer to our terms and conditions.

Absolutely. Your privacy is our top priority. All consultations are confidential, and any information shared is stored securely, adhering to strict data protection guidelines.

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