Mind Balance Program-Membership

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• Mind Balance Program

Introducing our Mind Balance Program! A woman’s health is integrally linked to her emotional and mental wellbeing. Which is why achieving Mind Balance is crucial to being a healthier you! If you are struggling with limiting beliefs, anxiety, depression, or simply not feeling like your usual self, you may qualify for our Mind Balance Program.

This membership includes monthly virtual consult to explore your concerns and develop an action plan to achieve your emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. Concerns addressed include Generalized Anxiety, Depression, Adjusting after significant life changes or trauma ( Pregnancy, Divorce, Grief, Illness, Abuse), Burn out, Social Anxiety, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Self Esteem, Bullying, Sexual Concerns, And Relationship Coaching.
Please contact us to book this service. info@gayawellness.org

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