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The Vision

GAYA is the only telehealth platform dedicated exclusively to women

We are leveraging the advances in healthcare technology to forge a new path in how we deliver care. We believe a woman’s wellness visit shouldn’t have to start in the awkward confines of a traditional exam room. Nor should it be limited to her gynecologic concerns. No more frustrating waiting rooms, endless paperwork, or having to take time off from work or find childcare. No more rushed, impersonal visits that leave you with more questions than you began with.

At gaya, you can get nearly all of your wellness needs addressed, all without having to step foot in a doctors office. Oh and the cost of a visit is less than most insurance copays.

With Innovation and quality as our core values, we are flipping the script on what it means to receive comprehensive, convenient, and affordable care- anytime, anywhere.

How’s that for transforming women’s wellness?

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