Battle of the Bulge

Lets be honest ladies, we have all been there. We think we are doing well. We even think we look fit. And then we get on the ghastly demon called the scale and realize that, though we blocked out that secret rendezvous with Getty’s burger last Tuesday night, the scale was watching. It is ALWAYS watching. 
We live in a culture that constantly associates positive feedback around food. Birthday parties, thanksgiving, backyard barbecues, happy hours and brunch ( personal weakness)
To compound the confusion, we also live in a culture that constantly bombards us with unrealistic socially acceptable “norms” ( Read: Size 0, 5’11 Model with C-cups and no cellulite). 

The average woman is not a size 2 going on 0. The average woman probably has grief related to some part of her body and feels self-conscious of her weight. The average woman has probably spent more time dieting than not dieting in her lifetime. The average woman probably has had an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise at some point in her life. 
So many of my patients come to me feeling frustrated because they are unhappy with their appearance or weight. They have tried everything under the sun, but it “just won’t work”. And the dissatisfaction is infiltrating every aspect of their lives- focus at work, baseline mood, sex drive, spousal relationship etc. 
So what do I tell my patients ( or myself?)
1. How would you feel about your weight today if you were 20lbs heavier than you are now?
We stop living our lives because we feel we can’t until we are at our ” ideal” weight. The reality is, we often fail at so many weight loss diets because they aren’t conducive to the life we already have Now.

The problem isn’t in the weight, it is in your perception of what you look like. So imagine how grateful you would be at your current weight, if you were even heavier than you are now. And go out and do the things you wish you could if you were already ” your ideal” weight.  I guarantee that you will be more likely to stick to whatever exercise and weight loss endeavors you are undertaking if you aren’t constantly rejecting yourself and putting your life on hold for your slimmer self to make an appearance. #selflove #selfacceptance
2. What are you using as an indicator of success?
Everyone uses a weight scale. Yours truly included. But your weight is probably the most inaccurate reflection of not only your size, but also your health and fitness. So, take a vacation from the numerical demon, and instead, use your clothes as a more accurate gauge of whether your efforts are succeeding or not. Have a trusted friend measure your target areas and trend those instead. Try focusing more on your fitness level instead of your size, setting goals to run farther or faster, lift more weight, or do longer planks, etc.
3. What methods are you using to achieve your goals? 
There are no short cuts to becoming  “skinnier”. No matter how effective the sales pitch. 
Repeat after me, there are no magic pills, foods or workouts that will miraculously make you achieve your goals without utilizing the basic tenet of ” eat less, expend more”. 
So slap on an activity tracker, dial into your “myfitness pal” and start creating a deficit in your daily calories. If you stay consistent with this, I promise you, you will not regret it!

I commend anyone who wants to live a more fit and healthy lifestyle. The reality is, however, that fit and healthy means different things to different people. 
Imagine how different our society ( and child hood obesity epidemic) would be if instead of cake, we celebrated our birthdays with a trip to the zoo, or a camping trip with all our pals. Instead of happy hour, we met up with coworkers for a yoga class instead? 

And imagine if instead of eating because we have the time to eat or feel sad/frustrated/anxious/stressed/bored, we ate because we were actually HUNGRY. #mindblown

Lastly, imagine if instead of working out because we want to loose weight, we did because it gives us a chance to feel limber and more energized? 
Wouldn’t that be something?
Till next time, 
be happy and be healthy!

ObGynKanobi OUT!
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